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KNOW YOUR BUTCHER is my platform to help people reconnect with good, clean, delicious food through embracing a shared philosophy:  treating animals humanely, practicing healthy, sustainable farming methods, and reducing food waste. One of the concepts I am most passionate about is Whole Animal Butchery (a.k.a. nose-to-tail). I believe in respecting and honoring the beasts that sustain our lives, so we take great strides to minimize food waste and utilize everything we can in innovative ways to not only enrich our food experience, but to be better custodians of the communities and the world in which we live.

Over time, our food system has become increasingly more centralized and communities have lost touch with where their food comes from. Your butcher knows where your meat comes from & knows how "the sausage" is made, so to speak. Your butcher knows all about those uncommon cuts of meat that are just as delicious as the chops, ribeye, and tenderloin, including how best to prepare them. KNOW YOUR BUTCHER.


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