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More Than Just a Ribeye

The Ribeye Loin gives us the classic Ribeye Steak and the ultimate centerpiece, Prime Rib Roast. If the loin was Pork, it would give us a Pork Chop; if the loin was Lamb, it would give us Rack of Lamb or be further cut into Lamb Chops. I guess what I’m trying to say is, this end of the loin on any animal is a crowd favorite.

What I really love about the Ribeye Loin is taking the butchering a step further, cutting Ribeye Cap (with the oddly medical name of Spinalis) and the Barrel Cut Ribeye. It’s fun to demonstrate separating these two delicious cuts because you barely need a knife! The natural fat seam makes these cuts easy to pull apart, leaving just a little bit of trimming needed before cutting into steaks. These two steaks are delicious for different reasons - the Ribeye Cap is rich in flavor and buttery while the Barrel Cut Ribeye, shaped like a Filet Mignon, is a more hearty, well marbled cut.

Because we are a whole animal butcher shop, we aim to be as close to zero waste as possible. Yeah, we have the classics, such as Ribeye Steak and Heritage Pork Chops, but we get to be creative in developing new products that use the nutrient rich fat and bones from pasture raised animals. One of our favorite PSM provisions that utilizes the fat trimmed from our grass-fed beef is the Black Garlic Beef Butter!

True to form, my inspiration for product development comes from my life – how and what we cook at home and the amazing meals and experiences we have at restaurants. The Black Garlic Beef Butter is no different – it was a culmination of many steak dinners, searching for a perfectly simple and delicious “sauce.” A few test recipes later, we created our gussied-up beef butter. Slowly rendered beef fat is strained and blended with fermented black garlic for a punch of umami flavor. Once combined we whip in cubes of cold European style butter and a dash of our Summer Spice until it’s light and airy. It truly is the Butter half of your steak…but it’s also delicious when added to mashed potatoes, vegetables, or toasted bread! So, sidle up to that steak and give it some special butter love!

Rusty Bowers

Whole Animal Craft Butcher I Advocate for Local, Sustainable, Humane Farming I Entrepreneur I Educator

Co-Owner: Chop Shop

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Jun 03, 2023

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